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Inviting New Users

As an Admin, you can invite new users to join your team. By doing so, they will receive an email from Castle asking them to complete their signup. Once complete, when they log into the Castle Dashboard, they will be accessing the same organization as you. This means they will have access to all environments created within the organization.

To invite a new user, visit the Team settings page from the top right corner of the dashboard:

Team Settings Page

Enter the first name, last name, and email address of the user you wish to invite.

You can select if you want this user to be added as an “Admin” or “User” role. The “User” role can not access environment settings, account settings, or team settings pages.

Invite Team Member

In some cases, the user may have already created a personal account with their email address, prohibiting you from inviting them. In this case, please contact Castle support to assist with migrating their account over to your team: