Client-side event tracking

We're really excited about this one. Part of our mission here at Castle is to make it super easy for anyone to discover and stop fraud, and our goal is to provide unparalleled visibility that allows you to see every step the fraudsters make.

Up until now, Castle has offered a set of standard events that can be tracked from the backend, such as registration, login and transaction. These events are designed to provide good coverage of what happens throughout the user journey. But today, we're enabling you to track granular events directly from the client for even better visibility! Both from browser and native mobile environments, with the latest version of our SDKs

An additional, huge advantage of the client-side only integration is that it's super easy to get started. Just follow our getting started guide, and you'll be up and running and tracking events to Castle in 5 minutes. Just plug in and see!

Tracking client side events will be free until June 30th. Read the full details in our blog post