⭐ An Introduction to Castle

Castle helps you implement your risk and fraud strategy by providing a series of modular components including API endpoints, webhooks, SDKs, and a comprehensive Dashboard. These components can be used to make solutions with the following capabilities:

A Castle integration can be as simple as a single API call to block bots at registration, similar to Captcha solutions. The same integration can be expanded to protect multiple in-application endpoints with custom policies for each workflow. All integrations include access to the Castle Dashboard, which gives insight into user devices, account activity, and the ability to manage all aspects of the integration for application admins.

👩‍💻 Developer?

As the next step, we recommend reading the Developer Quickstart first to get a sense of how Castle works and ingests data. Once you know the basics of how the integration works, how to track events and retrieve risk, you can proceed with protecting your registration and login flows.