Improved custom properties

A while back we launched the ability to filter and group by custom properties. By sending this custom, business specific data, you're able to create even more efficient rules for stopping bad behavior on your platform. Today we're releasing two big updates to how Castle handles these custom properties, that turns them into a first class citizen in Castle

The first improvement is that custom properties now show up directly in the search filters. Previously, you had to specifically enter the property name you send to Castle in order to query for it. Any property you send will be searchable in the same way as the standard Castle event fields.

Custom properties now show up directly in the filter dropdown

Custom properties now show up directly in the filter dropdown

The second improvement is that custom properties now handles both Numbers and Booleans in addition to Strings. The Castle APIs automatically recognize the data type based on the first request containing the new property, and this means that you're able to create type specific filtering on each property, like e.g. "number between X and Y".

Castle will detect up to 50 properties shared between the properties and user.traits fields in the API payload, and customers on the enterprise plan will have the ability to increase this limit on demand.

Lastly, for Enterprise Customers with access to the Events API, custom properties will be available in the following ways:

  • The Event Schema API will return all your custom properties alongside the standard Castle event fields
  • The Search Events API will now return properties and user traits together with their corresponding type