Introducing: Link Analysis

Today we're proud to release our link analysis feature which empowers you to quickly visualize and discover more fraudulent users. Link analysis is a powerful technique used to identify relationships and connections between entities such as users, devices, addresses, payment methods and more. Finding such connections can reveal fraudulent patterns and anomalies such as:

  • Multi accounting, where multiple accounts are connected to the same device fingerprint and/or IPs.
  • Payment fraud, where there are e.g. withdrawals from multiple accounts linked to the same bank account
  • Promo abuse, multiple accounts linked to the same shipping address

With the new Castle link analysis feature, discovering suspicious links between users can be done with a simple press of a button, all in real time. When navigating to a user profile view, you'll find the button to invoke the new link analysis feature:

The new link analyzer feature

The new link analyzer feature

The Link Explorer is available to all customers on the Enterprise plan. Just reach out if you're interested in upgrading, to get more features like this + volume discounts

Read more about Castle's link analysis feature in our blog post