Security at a glance - introducing the Overview page

Today we are announcing a new Dashboard feature we developed by listening to you, our customers: the Overview page. We designed this page to summarize your app’s security at a glance and provide comparative insights over time.

Overview Dashboard

This release brings a simple executive summary of the login and registration events to the Dashboard, which are critical from a security perspective. The summary is divided into 2 parts: Event Insight and Response Insight.

The ‘Event Insight’ is a summary of what happened in a particular date range of your choice, while the ‘Response Insight’ gives you a list of triggered Policies and Signals. Thanks to both you can understand how your policies affect users.

Each insight you see in the Overview is a starting point for your exploration. Whenever you see something interesting, you can click the "Open in Explore" button and dive deeper into the details. Additionally, you can select a time period that interests you, for example: past week (default), past month, or even a custom range.

How do you like the newest addition? Is there anything you'd like to add to get an even better Overview? Let us know!