Revamped filter bar

Today, we're launching a revamped filter bar in the Explore view, in order to both provide a more intuitive search experience as well as supporting more advanced queries by allowing AND and OR operators.

Based on your feedback, we've removed the quick filters, as those turn out to be mostly distracting. Instead, when you first go to the Explore view, you're now met with a clean filter bar where you can start building your query. By default, each new filter is combined via the AND operator, but with the new filter bar you're able instead switch this to OR instead, while at the same time adding more AND conditions within each group. For example, writing a query like (A and B) or (C and D), where A,B,C,D would be your different conditions.


The new filter bar support both using both AND and OR operators

In practice this allows you to analyze multiple groups of fraudulent users with the same query, eg. "Firefox Linux users from Indonesia OR Chrome Linux users from Malaysia"