Introducing: Lists

Today, we're happy to launch a new, powerful feature in the Castle product: Lists! The goal with Castle is to help you both find, manage and stop fraud, and Lists will greatly help in all of those areas.

  • A list is a generic collection of items, such as Users, IPs, Transactions or any custom property, that helps you organize and collaborate cross team members.
  • Through policies, any list can be configured to be used as a blocklist or allowlist (eg. for IPs or devices). The automatic expiration feature makes it easy to temporarily allow or block entries for an arbitrary amount of time
  • Items can be added to lists based on custom conditions, making it easy to set up a review queue that populates automatically based on e.g. risk score or transaction amount

Check out the full documentation to learn more how you can leverage Lists for more streamlined fraud operations. And by the way, all list operations are available through APIs!