Simplified Signals and Metrics creation

Creating your own Signals and Metrics is a great step into enhancing your app security with requirements specific to your business.

Signals are very useful for catching business-specific fraud. You can, for example:

  • Catch content spamming, like quickly creating many comments.
  • Catch password cracking attempts.
  • Rate-limit user actions, like buying the same product twice (to use a special promotion).

Now it is easier to create new Metrics and Signals while modelling a policy! You can click "Create Signal" or "Create Metric" in the new or edit policy views:

Create new signal and Create new metric buttons

How does it work in practice? Let's assume you want to limit number of contact form messages sent from a single IP address to 3 in 5 minutes:

Video of creating new signal and metric in-place

You can read more about Signals in our documentation:

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