Introducing Account Takeover Score

About a month ago, we launched a dedicated bot score to help you combat the specific problem of automated access to your service. This new score was the first in a series of more specialized scores which allows you to target more specific fraud types.

Today, we're launching a dedicated score for Account Takeover, which indicates whether an account seems to be compromised, e.g. via stolen credentials, fishing or password guessing. Similar to both the Castle Risk score and the bot score the Account Takeover score ranges from 0-100, and based on the appropriate risk level it can be used to :notebook-with-decorative-cover: kick off workflows for informing the user of suspicious activity via email (60+), initiating account recovery or outright blocking the malicious login attempt (90+)

You're able to use the Account Takeover Score both for finding suspicious accounts in the Explore view, and in a Policy to be able to take inline action.


The Account Takeover Score in the Explore view


The Account Takeover Score in Policies