Custom Metrics

It's been a while since we introduced the first version of Metrics, a powerful way of utilizing time series aggregations (or velocities) as part of your fraud and abuse prevention strategies. Today we're happy to release a fully customizable version of Metrics, which enables you to create time series queries that run in real-time, based on any fields available on events, including custom properties.

This opens up a tone of new use-cases, including detecting:

  • Account sharing, by tracking the number of unique devices per account within a certain period of time.
  • Spam messaging, by tracking number of messages sent per account, together with the number of unique recipients
  • Brute force attacks, by blocking an IP or account temporarily, based on the number of failed logins recorded for an IP, within a specific period of time

Once you've created and enabled a custom Metric, it'll immediately start accumulating data and be available to use in the Explore view, Policies, and Custom Signals

Creating a custom metric

Creating a custom metric

Custom Metrics are available on all plans.Read more in our documentation