Connecting to Slack

Castle can send notifications to a channel in Slack when the risk score exceeds the specified threshold.


Note: For more info on Castle’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, please visit the Castle Trust Center


Configuration is per environment in Castle.

Head to the Threat Alerts settings page for a project: Dashboard > Settings > Threat Alerts.


The Slack Integration can be found in the Dashboard Settings - Threat Alerts page

Here you'll be able to add Castle alerts to Slack. You'll need to select the Slack team, authorize the permission request, and select the channel or group where you wish to receive alert messages. The Slack integration will automatically be enabled after completing these selections.

Enabling and disabling

You can disable the Slack integration at any time by changing the toggle button selector and clicking Save.

Change Slack channel

If you want to change the Slack Channel to send notifications to, simply click Disconnect Slack and click Add to Slack again.